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We're FEDERAL RESEARCH SERVICE, and in 1974 we started compiling information on available government jobs into a publication called FEDERAL CAREER OPPORTUNITIES. Today our vacancy listing is available in the printed version, and here on our web site FedJobs <> Career Central.

In addition, based on our 37 years of experience in the federal employment field, we've put together a toolbox specifically targeted for federal job hunters, both first-time applicants and those already working in federal service. These tools, which include software, publications and services, give job seekers the advice and how-to information they need to land the jobs they find in our database. Tools like:

Our one-of-a-kind federal jobs database is unique because:

  • It carries real jobs. The job openings we list are actual positions for which a federal agency is actively recruiting applicants. There are no dusty old boilerplate announcements for openings that have long since vanished.
  • It is comprehensive. Our jobs list includes all kinds of federal employment - white collar, blue collar, Congressional staff openings, Judicial openings, fulltime, temporary, you name it - in every possible location - throughout the United States and abroad.
  • It is accurate. Every job listed is verified and reverified continually by our trained staff. And every listing provides all the information needed to apply for the job, including a contact person and a telephone number.
  • It is current. The database is updated...not monthly, not weekly, but every work day. This means that new job announcements are continually being added and old notices are deleted as soon as they expire.
  • It is exclusive. This federal jobs database is compiled, maintained and owned by Federal Research Service, a private firm. No one else will be serving up our information in another format or through another forum. You simply won't find a database as comprehensive.

So if it sounds like we think we're special, we do. We work very hard to deliver the best possible service - current, comprehensive and accurate - and we succeed. It's a fact: After 30 years in the business, we know what we're doing!

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Or, call us at 1-800-822-5627 and our staff will answer your questions!








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