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PLEASE NOTE: Our staff works very hard to maintain our database of Federal job openings to ensure our subscribers have the most accurate and up-to-date federal job information on the Internet. We retrieve this job information from a wide range of government sources, and on average, we have approximately 1,500-2,000 more current federal job leads than the government's leading job's database.  Unfortunately, this work is extremely time consuming, which requires us to charge our Members a modest fee to access our database. 

What are the benefits to YOU?  

  1. With averaging more jobs than the leading government website, this means you'll be exposed to hard to find jobs with reduced competition.  We locate these jobs, track the opening and closing dates, and then code them into our database to provide you with a seamless search.  The results: more jobs with reduced competition that provide you with a better chance of landing the position.

  2. We verify all jobs entered in our database 'every day' to ensure data is coded correctly, such as multiple locations and occupational titles, resulting in many more targeted job matches. 

  3. As a private reporting service, we are free to report on ALL the job information we turn up, without the need to deal with government red tape or to be politically correct!

  4. You'll get the best federal employment information from FRS. This isn't a sideline for us! Our sole purpose for existence is to assist YOU, the federal job hunter. We have a whole staff dedicated to just this task! That's why federal job hunters have come to rely on us for 34 years!

  5. SPECIAL NOTE TO TRANSITIONING MILITARY PERSONNEL:  Did you know that we have MORE Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force) than the government's leading job's databases?  Why is that?  Current legislation states that the only jobs that are required to be posted to the public are jobs that are open to candidates outside of a hiring agency's workforce.  For example, if a job is restricted to current Army or Navy employees, that job DOES NOT have to be publicly advertised. However, many of these jobs have hiring authorities that allow veterans to apply, even though they've never held an civilian federal job.  WE HAVE THOSE JOBS, saving you the time and effort it takes to search multiple databases.

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