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Check out these testimonials from our customers!

You are doing a great job and a service to us Federal employee's.  The new Fed agencies like TSA & DHS are going to be using your services a lot.  I have been spreading the word about your organization as I have been moving around the country working for TSA.  Keep up the good work.

- S.R.N, HR Specialist, TSA-Manchester N.H.

I am very satisfied:  the information contained in the material - Federal Job Winner's Tips Series - is more than what I expected.  They contained so many valuable tips and information to help a new Federal job hunter successfully land a Federal job.  They're really very good!  Thank you so much.

- Anonymous

Thanks Federal Research Service, This site:  What a wonderful discovery!  Perhaps I can renew hope after my lay off.

- A.L.

This site was very informative and a lot of times would post ads that OPM (USAJOBS) didn't even have posted or announced.  Thank you for the updated information and resources.

- R.B.

Good jobs with this.  It demystifies the process of landing federal employment and scoots to what you're made for.  It was very easy to access and use and the information was comprehensive.

- C.G.

Thanks Federal Research Service.  I love this site!  The site is set up wonderfully and user friendly.  This is a luxury not found often on the Internet today.

- D.F. Topeka, KS

Your website is truly amazing!  Not only was it easy to understand, with information written in plain English, but the numerous publications and resources you have available make it truly unique.

- B.S. Arlington, TX

I found your website to be very helpful, since I got a Federal job using your website.  I found it to be so helpful that I have suggested it to other people.  If I have the need to locate another Federal job, I will be sure to return to your site.

- L.T.

I was very happy with my FedJobs subscriptions - in fact, mine was a renewal from a year ago.  So far, I've found two Federal jobs with the service.  The emails were prompt, the representatives have always been helpful--the site and database usually came right up.

- S.C.

I enjoyed using the website.  It was really simple and provided valuable information.  Thanks for making the service accessible.

- L.H.

I think your service is very much needed in today's high technology era.  It makes looking for jobs much easier and convenient.

- S.B.

This is a great site to search for employment opportunities.  I am impressed with the information that is available.

- S.H. Beaumont, TX

Your service was easy to use, timely and very helpful in   my search for a new Federal job.  I found a great new job in Federal law enforcement as a result.

- R.P.

Thanks!  This has to be one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use sites on the web.  I spent several hours searching and reviewing and each topic was easily accessible.

- P.P. Amherst, NY

From the first time I phoned about subscribing the staff was considerate, professional, and generously offered the teaser option to get a taste before buying.  That "won me over!"

- N.W. Veradale, WA

I did get a job from the information provided by and I have told family and friends to got to if they're thinking about changing jobs or getting started in government service.  Thanks FedJobs!

- T.G.

I'm glad I found this site;  I'm finding it to be more useful than any other I've seen so far.  Thanks!

- L.T. Presidio of Monterey, CA

I thought the site was great and very informative.  Keep up the feature of up-to-date job listings.

- M.S. Acton, MA

Great web page;  very informative and helpful for people like myself looking for a great federal job.  Keep up the good work.

- L.D. Boalsburg, PA


The KSA Workbook I ordered is what I expected.  I'm pleased to see that it takes you step-by-step through the process.  Thanks!

- J.N.  Windser, CA

I was completely satisfied with FRS, Inc. and would like to renew my subscription.  

- T.S.

Your website was very helpful, and because of your website, I have been offered a position with the Federal Government in law enforcement.

- M.N.

The KSA books we're extremely helpful.  I wouldn't have known how to do them had I not stumbled across you on the web.

- M.D.  Norwood, MA

Thanks Federal Research Service.  This is the best job site I've visited.

- J.R. Sandia Park, NM

The service is very good and thorough.  I made the top 2 selections (for 3 jobs that were not even posted on the different agency websites).  Although I was not selected for either, it was inspirational to keep trying because the opportunities were there.  Keep up the good work!

- S.K.

It's a wonderful service and I'd subscribe again ... if I need a new job.  With your help, I was able to get an interview and an offer in Chicago.  I couldn't have done it by myself.  I really appreciate your service and I tell all my friends about it.

- R.B.

Thanks Federal Research Service!  It is the best resource in print that I've seen in many years of federal service!

- T.M. Mission Viejo, CA

Federal Research is a wonderful job search resource.  The information is current and easy to access.  The technical assistants are very helpful and polite.  I re-subscribed.

- G.H.

Your site was great.  I received all the help I needed to get a Federal job.  I I ever need to find one again, I would most certainly use your site.

- J.H.

Thanks Federal Research Service!  From the teaser you have on your website, I was very impressed with the sample list of jobs.  I like it better than the one from OPM (USAJOBS).

- N.C.

I like the way your agency presents all of the information in your publication, Federal Career Opportunities.  Your publication contains a wealth of information for anybody who is seeking Federal employment.

- L.M. Bastrop, TX

I loved using  It was easy and so helpful--screening the jobs by category and salary I found a Federal job through your service.  I would use your service again, but hopefully, won't have to for awhile.

- J.H.

I had no problems using your website.  I felt it was pretty self-explanatory and you are able to access what you are looking for easily.

- R.V.

Thanks Federal Research Service!  I wanted to offer my thanks to your website.  It's a wealth of information.  While the information is also found elsewhere, your site is the easiest one to get directly to what I want to know.

- G.K.

My experience was fine--very easy to use-- nice to have much of this information available in one location.  Thanks for the help.

- D.P.

I am very satisfied with my purchase, could hardly wait to read them.  I have been employed with the government for 20+ years -- books were very informative, well worth the money.

- Carolyn  Tulsa, OK

I had no problems logging onto  I did get a lot of information from the website and am now currently back within the Federal government with the VA in Wichita Kansas.  Thank you for the opportunity to use your site.

- C.L.  Wichita, KS

Your website is the best one-stop-shop for job hunting I've seen on the Internet.  Simple to use!

- L.S.

Your site is magnificent and that is an understatement.  I did not gain another job, but was opened up to an entire wealth of informaiton.

- Capt. M.W.

Once again, Federal Research Service has assisted me in finding a career position for me.  Your service is indispensable to anyone looking for a job with the Federal government.

- E.W.

Just a quick note to express my sincere satisfaction with your service.  Your comprehensive list of announcements is well worth the low monthly subscription price.

- J.W.

I first subscribed to FedJobs in 2000 because I noticed that vacancies in my own department did not show up on the OPM (USAJOBS) website.  I liked the ease of use of your format.  I got a job last September from the listings in FedJobs.  I talked it up to everyone.

- B.B.

Your service was excellent and the only reason I have chosen not to renew my subscription was that I found a job (a promotion opportunity) using your database.  I have purchased your Quick & Easy Federal Jobs Kit software, which I found invaluable.  Many thanks.  I recommend your service to many friends.

- L.V.

This website is a big help.  I plan on re-joining after I finish school to hopefully find the job I've always dreamed of!

- L.M.

I never had a problem retrieving information from your site.  I found the information useful and helpful in my job search.  In the future, I would subscribe to your service again to search for government positions.

- C.L.

You have an excellent product.  Keep up the good work!

- T.P.

I love your site.  When I am closer to graduation (BS in Business/Human Resource) I will definitely subscribe.

- D.W.









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