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Resume Conversion ...

Private-Sector to Federal-Style

  • Are you using your private-sector resume to apply for federal jobs?  

  • Are you unsure about what information is 'required' on a federal resume?  

  • Are you at the point where you can't look at your resume objectively to determine what needs to be fixed?  

  • Do you have a one-size-fits-all resume, but need something more focused?  

  • And most importantly, do you need a new easy-to-follow resume -- one that highlights your unique skills and helps you stand-out from the competition

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let our experienced Federal Resume Writers help you tackle these issues by converting your private-sector resume into a 'job winning' federal-style resume, in both a presentation and on-line format.

Here's what the conversion includes:

  • We'll convert your existing resume into a federal-style resume template, which will help the human resources staff quickly locate all your pertinent qualifications.

  • We'll ensure all compliance information, as stated in the "OF-510 - Applying for a Federal Job", is present in your resume. If we find something missing, we'll highlight the area on your resume where this information should be added.

  • We'll edit the existing content of your resume for: proper grammar; sentence structure; punctuation; past- and present-tense verb endings; improper use of the 'I' and 'my' pronouns; and removal of that ambiguous  "responsible for" phrase. 

  • We'll add powerful action words to help your statements stand out.  Words like: achieved; administered; contracted; directed; encouraged; evaluated; produced; recommended; supervised; authored; formulated; negotiated; persuaded; summarized; diagnosed; surveyed; programmed; upgraded, etc.

  • We'll provide you with a list of competencies that you should incorporate into your resume based on your occupation and pay level. Competencies like: project management; qualitative and quantitative analysis; strategist; process engineering; accountability; oral and written communication; computer proficiency; etc.

  • We'll highlight areas where we feel you need to add more content that will quantify your duties and accomplishment statements, along with suggestions for training, language skills, honors/awards, memberships, computer skills, and professional summary sections.

  • Based on a specific job announcement that you submit to us with your resume, we'll create a list of keywords that you need to incorporate into your resume.

The results will be:

  • a professionally formatted, easy-to-read resume, that will impress the human resources staff;

  • a resume with content that will increase your overall rating, and help you stand-out from the competition;

  • peace of mind that all compliance information is included, so your resume is not rejected on a technicality;

  • advise that will give you a clear and focused resume and get your creative juices flowing; and 

  • two resume formats, presentation and on-line, that will allow you to apply for jobs using any of today's application methods: email, on-line, mail or fax.

All this for the affordable price of $125...
Here's How to Order

1) Order on-line at: OR contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-822-5627 (or 703-914-JOBS in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.)

2) Once you have placed your order, please email your resume to

3) In addition to your resume, it would be helpful to include a specific job opening so that we can offer you the most useful suggestions on rewriting your resume.

Please Note:  Resume conversions take approximately 10 business days to complete and will be returned via email as a Microsoft Word document.  Expedited services available at an additional cost - please call for details. 

Need more than a resume conversion?  To receive a quote on having us completely rewrite your resume by adding new content (not just converting your existing content as outlined above), please email your resume to and mention "PLEASE PROVIDE QUOTE" in the subject line.

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