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The KSA Workbook & Sampler
(Your Guide to Writing Government Essays)

As an individual seeking employment with the Federal government, at some point in the application process, you will be asked to write essay statements, which demonstrate your knowledge, skill or ability to perform in a specific job.  These essay statements (better known as KSAs) come in all shapes and sizes, but they  ALL require the applicant to clearly write (in a narrative format) how well they meet specific job requirements.

Some common KSAs that you may come across could include your "Ability to communicate orally" or your "Ability to communicate in writing."  If applying for a specific occupation, such as an Information Technology Specialist, you may be asked to write about your "Knowledge of a wide range of computer techniques, requirements, methods, sources and procedures, and knowledge of system software." Maybe you're a Human Resources Specialist and need to respond to your "Knowledge of federal position classification sufficient to classify a variety of positions." Or, you're an Administrative Assistant who needs to show your "Ability to plan, organize, and direct office activities to maintain efficient workflow."

No matter what the KSA is that you are asked to address, how well you respond WILL be the difference between getting called in for a job interview or finding your way to the 'not qualified' list.

Since 1992, we have been publishing our popular books, The KSA Workbook and The KSA Sampler, which not only take an applicant through the KSA writing process, but provides dozens of sample KSAs to help you learn how to craft a job-winning KSA.

The KSA Workbook
Only $10.00

What is a KSA?  Knowledge, Skills and Abilities ... that list of special qualifications and personal attributes that someone has decided you should have in order to fill a particular job. It's not enough that you meet the basic qualifications for the position and have the specialized experience that's required. It's not enough that you have a polished and up-to-date application package that clearly lays out all your experience and expertise. Now you have to put more time and effort into developing a "supplemental statement" or "essay," a set of responses to these additional evaluation factors that may be relevant only to a particular job vacancy. And you have to do it in time to meet the position's application deadline.

When required, KSAs are the single most important aspect of your federal application and our workbook will help you understand and craft job-winning KSAs. 

Order now and save $2.95 off the regular retail price of $12.95.

E-Book (download shipping fee): 

Hard Copy (shipping fee applies): 

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The KSA Sampler
Only $10.00

Not sure what a KSA looks long they should be...what writing style is used. Then take your KSA writing a step further - our KSA Sampler is loaded with over 75 sample KSA responses to help you avoid "writer's block" and prepare clear and concise KSA statements.

The library of samplers included in this book are designed to help YOU find the best way to respond with YOUR background to the KSAS YOU personally face. This workbook will help you familiarize yourself with various approaches to responding to KSAs and to focus on what works best for you with your unique set of skills and interests

Review our sample KSAs and identify those that, with the substitution of a few keywords, are similar to KSAs you might encounter when applying for federal jobs. 

Order now and save $2.95 off the regular retail price of $12.95.

E-Book (download shipping): 

Hard Copy (shipping fee applies): 

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