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Subscriptions Special: Federal Job Consultation: 30-minutes w/Resume Critique

Do you feel overwhelmed by the Federal job hunting process?  Have you submitted multiple resumes, only to get a notice stating that you were "not referred to the selecting official" or "you did not meet the basic qualifications for this job"?  Like a lot of federal job-hunters, do you think the system is 'fixed' and that no matter how qualified you are, you won't get hired because you don't have the inside track on these jobs?

If you answered yes to these questions, we understand your frustration.  However, based on our years of experience counseling job-hunters, the main reason applicants are not getting the job is because they don't have a comprehensive application package, they don't meet the area of consideration for jobs that are restricted to: current or former federal employees; veterans; students; ICTAP/CTAP; etc., or they didn't follow the application instructions carefully and omitted pertinent application information. 

While the government's stated goal is to make the federal application process friendlier and easier for applicants, the fact is: you're the one who is the petitioner, the one who is asking for something from the other party. In other words, the government agency has something you want...a you must be the one to make the greater effort.

How well you understand the system, and portray yourself and your previous work experience is a critically important factor in a successful job search. There are so many components to the federal job search process, that even the most educated individual can get lost in the maze.  That is why our Federal Counselors stand ready to help you make that "highly qualified" list and subsequently, get called in for the job interview.

Basic Counseling Package w/Resume Critique: $75

Once we receive your order, a Federal Career Counselor will call you within 1 business day to schedule your 30-minute consultation.

Are you ready to invest in your future?  Here are the topics that we will cover during your 30-minute consultation:

  • The Application Method: On-line, Paper, Email, or Fax 

  • On-line Application Systems: Are they Question-based or Answer-based?

  • Information Required: Supplemental Forms, SF-50, DD-214, Transcripts, etc.

  • Compliance Information: Will your resume pass the first test?

  • Length of Resume: Is there a one-size fits all resume?

  • KSAs: What are they and who has to respond to them?

  • Keywords: What are they and how do I find them?

  • Promotion Potential: What is the job's growth potential?

Prior to the 30-minute consultation, we'll request that you email us your current resume in which we will perform a 12-point critique based on the following: 

The Results: You will gain in-depth knowledge of the federal hiring process, trim months off your federal job search, and gain employment faster...and often at a higher rate of pay than you expected.

Regardless of occupation, pay level, or federal experience, our clients have one thing in common...they needed help navigating the complex federal employment system.  They needed someone to help them develop a strategic plan that would enable them to focus on applying for jobs that would result in a rating of 'highly qualified', and that's exactly what we do.  We point our clients in the right direction...we draw a map that will help you reach your destination in the quickest way possible...and we help you avoid unnecessary roadblocks along the way.

Don't miss another job opportunity or spend hours applying for a job where you won't receive a 'highly qualified' rating.  

Are you interested in our premium consultation session?   Click Here to Learn More

Here's what some of our clients had to say about our service:

I cannot thank you enough for the extra-ordinary service I have experienced working with FRS. Applying for federal jobs can be a nightmare (preparing resumes, KSAs and the application process) if one does not have the value added service and guidance that is provided by FRS. 

E. L., Fairfax VA

You have done an amazing job, thank you and I'm very glad that I had you work on my resume.

G. B. New York NY

I like the final product.  Thank you for the time and attention that you have given this resume.  I appreciate your service.

W. W., Salem OH

You are doing a great job and a service to us Federal employee's. The new Fed agencies like TSA & DHS are going to be using your services a lot. I have been spreading the word about your organization as I have been moving around the country working for TSA. Keep up the good work.

S. R. N, HR Specialist, TSA-Manchester NH

Yes! I did get the position I wanted at a GS-7 rate. They wanted me to work full-time, but what I really wanted to do was work part-time and go to school using my GI Bill. Well, the resume you wrote was so strong that they changed the whole position to part-time so they could hire me! Thanks a lot for all your help!

 N. M. San Francisco, CA

Price: $25.00








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